Lennart Sobirey

Physicist · Developer · Problem Solver


Physicist with a passion for problem solving and understanding complex systems. Engineer with a strong background in math and software development. Experienced with cameras, optics, data analysis and visualisation. Fascinated by machine learning and computer vision. Thrives in motivated teams that want to move the world together. Skilled teacher and public speaker.


Postdoctoral Researcher

Rymax.One | 2022 - Present

Building a quantum computer designed to solve combinatorial optimization problems

  • Designing a quantum optimization platform with 200+ qbits
  • Developing flexible control systems in hardware and software

Research Scientist

Moritz Group @ Hamburg University | 2015 - 2022

Ph.D. in experimental quantum mechanics - Optics / Systems / Software Engineering

  • Designed and built a cutting-edge experimental apparatus in a small team
  • Developed a robust software platform in C++ to control experiments in labs around the world
  • Recorded, analyzed and visualized terabytes of images in MATLAB
  • Improved data analysis capabilities using CNNs in Tensorflow/Keras
  • Supervised students and taught seminars on quantum mechanics

Technical Skills

  • Languages: C/C++ (6 years) · MATLAB (10 years) · Python (5 years)
  • Machine learning: Neural networks · Deep learning · CNNs · Tensorflow/Keras
  • Tools: git · Anaconda · NumPy · SciPy · Pandas · matplotlib · Plotly · Jupyter · LaTeX
  • Optics: Imaging systems and cameras · Lasers and laser optics · High-resolution microscopy
  • Engineering: CAD (Inventor, CATIA) · Electronics · RF · Systems Engineering

Selected Publications

Comparing fermionic superfluids in two and three dimensions

L. Sobirey, H. Biss, N. Luick, M. Bohlen, H. Moritz, T. Lompe · 2021 · arXiv:2106.11893

Observation of superfluidity in a strongly correlated two-dimensional Fermi gas

L. Sobirey, N. Luick, M. Bohlen, H. Biss, H. Moritz, T. Lompe · 2021 · Science 372 (6544)

An ideal Josephson junction in an ultracold two-dimensional Fermi gas

N. Luick, L. Sobirey, M. Bohlen, V.P. Singh, L. Mathey, T. Lompe, H. Moritz · 2020 · Science 369 (6499)

Other Projects


ISBN 9783963312021 · Download

I co-wrote a fully self-contained alternative rulebook for the most popular german Pen&Paper RPG called The Dark Eye. We redesigned the entire ruleset to be consistent and simple and published it for free online. Our rulebook got popular enough that the publisher of The Dark Eye reached out to us to publish it as a hardcover book, which is currently on its second printing run.


I wrote the character creation software for Ilaris in Python, to enable players to simply create new characters on the fly. Contains the entire ruleset and allows for custom rulesets to be created.